How To Encourage Your Employees To Stay Fit

As an employer, the well-being of your employees’ physical and mental health is your responsibility. It’s also a given that the health of your employees is connected to how your company or organization will perform in general. After all, if your employees are not healthy, their ability to focus, and their ability to perform in their jobs will also be effected.
So how do you ensure corporate wellness for your company or organization? What exactly do you have to do so that your employees are healthy both physically and mentally? Here’s what we think you should do
“Fittest employee of the month!”
We already know that regular exercising is a must for a healthy life, so encourage your employees to exercise regularly. Depending on their distance from work, encourage them to either walk or cycle to work. Provide a safe and covered bike stand, to further encourage them. Consider having a “fittest employee of the month” competition; and reward them if they maintain their physical well-being. If you have the resources (and the funds), consider converting one room in your office building into a mini gym. Printing out fun workout t-shirts for the employees is also a fun way to encourage them to exercise, and to do a little fun advertising. Link here to find out more about team building activities.
Eating proper, nutritious food
It’s obvious that humans need to eat proper, nutritious foods to ensure that their lives are healthy. But with the mad rush of everyday work, most people neglect their diets. To ensure corporate wellness Dubai, encourage your employees to eat proper food. if your business has an office canteen, then make sure to only serve healthy food there. If you don’t, then you can still get them to eat healthy. Have things like “healthy food Mondays” or “home food Thursday” (like “casual Fridays”); encouraging your employees indirectly to eat healthy.
When holidays become a must
Apart from the physical health and proper diet, it’s important that you take care of your employees’ mental health as well. It is with reason that certain days have been allocated as holidays. This is so that the mind is free of worry and stress, at least for a few days. And it’s no surprise that most employees in the corporate world suffer from heart diseases and stress; after all, it is a very harsh environment for the mind. Encourage your employees (strongly) to use their mandatory vacation days. Organizing a once a year office picnic or trip is also a clever way to ensure that your employees catch a break.
Above all you need to lead by example. If you walk around with a beer belly, and work every day of the year; your employees will most likely follow your example.

Total Quality Management And How It Is Applied

Quality is never an accident. It is the result of hard work and intelligent efforts. Toyota, Motorola, Philips and Ford motor company are a few companies that kept a world gazing for the quality, the finish and the longevity of their products. If it for an instance was an accident, those giant companies wouldn’t have lasted this long. One secret that was behind all these companies was one concept that developed in the 1950 and became more popular in the early 1980s. TQM is a management technique that focuses on continuous improvement of the production processes that involves both the management of the company and its employees. It combines both quality management and increase of production as a result of reduced wastage.
TQM integrates all organizational functions (finance, marketing HR, R&D, production etc.) in order to satisfy customers, address their specific needs and achieve organizational objectives. The basic concept of TQM is to “do the right thing, right the first time, every time”. TQM was initially applied in manufacturing organizations although it could be applied to all sorts of organizations from production to service sectors. In order to make TQM easier within organizations, quality standards are applied that are mostly in line with the TQM method. There are ISO 9001 certification training course that are available to get an understanding of the quality standard ISO 9001.
TQM is a method that is driven with the belief that all defects can be prevented and mistakes can be avoided. With continuous monitoring and improvement of all employees, their capabilities, production processes, technology and machine capacity TQM believes to produce better products and greater output. TQM suggests that the capabilities of people and machines have to be improved. Therefore the 5 main aspects of capability improvement in TQM are demand generation, supply generation, technology, operations and people capability. Another belief of TQM is that though people can make mistakes in production, the blame of mistakes rests mainly on faulty systems and processes. Therefore in TQM the processes are changed frequently, when detected with mistakes in order to avoid repetition of mistakes.
ISO 9001 certification training course and the certification itself will also greatly contribute to maintaining the quality of the products and the processes of the organization. Applying TQM to the organization could take some time and could be stressful as change is resisted everywhere. Therefore, setting up ISO standards would be a good first step in implementing TQM in an organization.
However, the four key principles of TQM are management commitment, employee empowerment, fact based decision making, continuous improvement and customer focus. Paying attention to these important key areas of improvement is crucial key principles will lead to successful implementation of TQM.

Is It A Wise Decision To Hire An Agent When You Plan To Start A New Venture?

After working in a company for many years and you have a considerable amount of savings, you decide to resign. You have been dreaming of starting a business of your own. This is a huge step and a decision in your life. However, stepping into the market is not an easy task, especially if you’re not familiar with the business and legal, rules (laws) and regulations. As a fact, at present, majorities are resorting to external professionals to help them with starting up the venture. You might be thinking that hiring an attorney would solve all the problems. Since, there are some who think that once the legal activities related to the investment is sorted out, they could begin with the business.

However, this isn’t true, as it involves a larger procedure starting from the business plan, budgeting to setting up the physical or virtual office. As a fact, there are special agents that owners could hire that specialize in forming new ventures. Yet, you might be thinking if it’s a wise decision to hire these individuals? With that said, here are some of the responsibilities of these agents that would be helpful in understanding their importance:

• Expansion of businesses

If you were planning to expand your enterprise in another region or country, company formation agents would be helpful in establishing the new premise. They would study the laws of that state or destination. As a fact, you would have ample support and guidance in setting up a new establishment in another region.

• Creating a name for the establishment

Registering the company is not an easy process, as you need to find a name that is available for registration. Therefore, one of the reasons for hiring these agents is that, they would help you with creating a name for your enterprise. These agents do research to explore the possibility of registering the new company. Furthermore, they would undertake the registration procedure on your behalf.

• Research about the current market

On the other hand, these agents continue to update themselves with new knowledge and news about market trends. Company formation in JLT agents research about new laws and regulations implemented and practiced in the commercial industry. Therefore, they have an asset that’s useful for you, prior to operating your enterprise.

Consider this scenario, where an established enterprise is facing some financial or management crisis. Therefore, they hire a finance or business consultant in search of the best solution for the problem. Similarly, investing on an agent for starting a commercial venture could be helpful in avoiding the hassle and speeding the process.

5 Important Health Tips For 20-Somethings

Twenties are one of the best decades of life. Everyone is young, healthy and looking forward to life. However, the good times can be deceiving. How we eat, behave, exercise or don’t exercise, in our twenties will make a huge impact on life later on. So, twenties are an important time in life to be health conscious to lower the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease later on. Therefore, pay attention to the following crucial health tips:

1. Exercise Regularly

You may have heard about this one already. It’s very important to exercise regularly to keep muscles functioning optimally. Exercise has many benefits for health, and it can lower your risk level for common chronic diseases. You should exercise according to a set timetable to get the most out of it. Going on a jog if you feel like it is not a proper exercise regime.

2. Limit Fast Food Intake

In our twenties, we are most likely to sustain ourselves with cheap fast food. Most of us are just starting out at careers or at college so there’s little time or no facilities to cook a proper meal. This habit can be a disaster later on. Even if you can’t cook at your dorm room or the rented studio apartment, you can still eat healthy by choosing healthier items from restaurant or café menus that are not fried or doused in salt.

3. Take Care of Your Teeth

Don’t forget to brush your teeth at least twice a day and use mouthwash to keep your teeth health and cavities at bay. In addition, you should visit the dentist at least once every three months to make sure there’s nothing wrong with your oral health. When it comes to oral health, cavities are not the only concern. Something can go wrong even if you feel well. So, search online now for the best dental clinic Dubai in your area and make an appointment right away.

4. Go for Regular Medical Checkups

Like with the best dental clinic, you should also search for general practitioners in your area for regular medical checkups. If you are gaining weight or are at risk for a disease, a regular doctor can diagnose it swiftly before the condition gets worse.

5. Sleep Well

It’s very important to get enough sleep each night to make sure we stay healthy for a long time to come. Adults need at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. Sleep lost cannot be gained back. So, blow off the happy hour, and sleep instead if you don’t want a horrible disease later.

It’s very important that you follow the above advice to stay healthy on the long haul.