Biggest Home Decoration No-Nos

You could say home decoration is a religion of sorts. There are some things that you should never do, no matter what. Some homeowners choose to follow their own rules when it comes to decorating, so their homes look unique compared to others decorated according to a catalogue. While it’s a good idea to follow your own rules, some cautions should be heeded. Read ahead to find out the biggest home decoration no-nos that you must avoid at all costs:
Dark Paint
Home should look bright and lively, not dark and dingy like a shabby office conference room. Therefore, never, ever choose dark tones for your important rooms, like the living room and the bedrooms. Dark tones may be suitable for outdoor areas, but be aware; they should match with other shades being used. Choose your wall paint wisely, and make sure it complements the cheap curtains design.
Heavy Drapes in the summer
Heavy drapes are an atrocity in the summer and maybe the spring seasons. Heavy drapes may be necessary during the winter to keep rooms insulated and trap the heat. But once the weather warms up, the heavy ones should be replaced with light and brightly coloured ones. Be careful when it comes to curtains design, the right material and colour matters a lot for the overall look of a room.
Minimalist Living Rooms
There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be minimalist, however, too much minimalism can be disastrous for areas that are supposed to look lively, like your living room. Not decorating living rooms properly with ornaments and wall decorations can make the room look empty, depressing and like an eyesore. So, do decorate living rooms, even if you are going for a minimalist look.
Commercial Artwork
Artwork should be innovative and original if you want rooms to look elegant with them. However, commercial-grade, mass produced artwork that you can buy at the supermarket will not do anything to make rooms look sophisticated. When it comes to artwork, pick the unconventional ones. Buy artwork at exhibitions or yard sales rather than at the local convenience store.
Plastic Furniture
Plastic furniture is fine outdoors, but never indoors. Choose carpet tiles suppliers in Dubai made with wood, leather, wicker or similar natural-looking material to make your home look homey, and not like the waiting room of an office. Plastic furniture should be kept to a minimal, even at outdoor areas.
Carefully read the above list to get a good idea of what’s good for home decoration, and what’s really not. Choose wisely, and don’t be afraid to be bold in your choices.