Dance Forms Which Are Healthy

How many numerous things do you do to stay in shape? From dieting to aerobics to working out, the effort you put in is countless. However, if it’s just a matter of playing your favourite music and swaying to the tune, wouldn’t you love it? Losing calories is that simple. You can burn that extra fat by simply enjoying yourself. So here are some of the truly effective dance forms that could help you lose weight.

1. Ballet

This dance form is considered to be one of the hardest dance forms to master. Originated in Italy, ballet has been practiced for many decades now. The stretching you do at this will help in improved movement in your hips, thighs, arms and also will strengthen them. Join a Dubai ballet centre today if you’d really love to learn such a dance form.2. Zumba

Zumba is a dance created just for weight loss. People from all over the world are joining Zumba classes since it helps you lose weight with fun steps. It contains a mix of aerobic steps that would give your body a complete workout, just like at the gym.

3. Belly dancing

Commonly known as Arabic dancing, this is a great exercise to your waist and belly. Ladies love it since it will help in getting those divalicious abs they’ve always been yearning for. Also not forgetting the self-confidence you get by learning some of these sexy moves.

4. Bollywood dancing

Your favourite dance moves in Bollywood hit songs will finally pay off. The fast-beat of songs and their dance routines will truly put your body to work, helping you to burn those calories faster than ever.

5. Hip-hop

Even the name suggests that it is fun and energetic. It is said that and individual will lose approximately 6 calories per minute while dancing hip-hop. It is quick and fun and will give you an intense workout with all those energetic moves such as breaking, popping and locking.

6. Gymnastics

This involves a heavy amount of bending and stretching which will help in muscle flexibility. Join some rhythmic gymnastics classes where you could enjoy while practicing. Gymnastics is thought to be a very difficult dance style. However, if you can really master it, you’d not need anymore workouts to stay in shape.

7. Salsa

Salsa is a sensual, passionate and fast routine dance form. This involves a lot of swirling, lifting, bending and swaying that would energize your body while shaping you up, especially the lower body. According to studies, a 30 minute salsa session can burn up to 300 calories.