How To Encourage Your Employees To Stay Fit

As an employer, the well-being of your employees’ physical and mental health is your responsibility. It’s also a given that the health of your employees is connected to how your company or organization will perform in general. After all, if your employees are not healthy, their ability to focus, and their ability to perform in their jobs will also be effected.
So how do you ensure corporate wellness for your company or organization? What exactly do you have to do so that your employees are healthy both physically and mentally? Here’s what we think you should do
“Fittest employee of the month!”
We already know that regular exercising is a must for a healthy life, so encourage your employees to exercise regularly. Depending on their distance from work, encourage them to either walk or cycle to work. Provide a safe and covered bike stand, to further encourage them. Consider having a “fittest employee of the month” competition; and reward them if they maintain their physical well-being. If you have the resources (and the funds), consider converting one room in your office building into a mini gym. Printing out fun workout t-shirts for the employees is also a fun way to encourage them to exercise, and to do a little fun advertising. Link here to find out more about team building activities.
Eating proper, nutritious food
It’s obvious that humans need to eat proper, nutritious foods to ensure that their lives are healthy. But with the mad rush of everyday work, most people neglect their diets. To ensure corporate wellness Dubai, encourage your employees to eat proper food. if your business has an office canteen, then make sure to only serve healthy food there. If you don’t, then you can still get them to eat healthy. Have things like “healthy food Mondays” or “home food Thursday” (like “casual Fridays”); encouraging your employees indirectly to eat healthy.
When holidays become a must
Apart from the physical health and proper diet, it’s important that you take care of your employees’ mental health as well. It is with reason that certain days have been allocated as holidays. This is so that the mind is free of worry and stress, at least for a few days. And it’s no surprise that most employees in the corporate world suffer from heart diseases and stress; after all, it is a very harsh environment for the mind. Encourage your employees (strongly) to use their mandatory vacation days. Organizing a once a year office picnic or trip is also a clever way to ensure that your employees catch a break.
Above all you need to lead by example. If you walk around with a beer belly, and work every day of the year; your employees will most likely follow your example.