How To Make Your Office Eco Friendly

In today’s world, competition at work places have increased by tenfold. It is a competitive, dog-eat-dog world out there. In such a world, most of us spend more time working at offices than we do at home. Offices of today are unlike the offices of yesteryear. Gone are those offices which were designed to accommodate people for nine hours per day. Offices of today are designed in such a way so that one can even pull week long shifts without ever feeling inadequate for uncomfortable. As many people do tend to spend their nights as well as days in their offices, they are designed with all modern comforts. But how many of us think, even for a minute, the impact our offices are having on the environment? Surprisingly, quite a number of organizations have taken a more active role in protecting the environment and have become a part of the green initiative. Here are some tips that you too can follow in order to make your office more eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly supplies

There are quite a lot of supplies that we use at offices. But how many of them are eco-friendly? Well, this is something that you and your work colleagues may have to look into. Start with your procurement department and work your way through the entire organization to ensure that your entire organization follows your green movement. Many offices have maintenance companies doing chores such as janitorial duties, maintenance works. You need to ensure that not only your organization is ecofriendly, but also other organizations working with you. If the other organizations do not comply to these requirements currently, these need to be communicated to all other organizations that you work with.

Cut down on paper

One of the biggest threats to going green inside organizations are not the sub contracted maintenance company Dubai or clients neglecting their green initiatives. It is none other than your own company using exorbitant amounts of paper in their day to day activities. One of the best solutions to this is to start initiating a paperless environment. This may be met with a lot of resistance at first. But going completely paperless would be one of the best decisions that your company ever made, not only when it comes to being eco-friendly, but also when it comes to its strategic business objectives.

Go on power saving mode

We use quite a number of equipment at our offices, mainly computers. More often than not, most of these devices have a power saving mode. Make sure that people are educated and smart enough to put these equipment on power saving mode. Just like with going paperless, this too may be quite difficult at first, but in some time, it will become people’s second nature.