How To Race In Style?

You are about to take part in a sporting event. You being the adventurous person that you are have decided that you want a change and have registered with a sporting company for the event. Your friends are horrified at the risks you sometimes take as racing events can be dangerous at times and accidents are prone to happen. However you are not afraid because you have taken part in races before and you always go well prepared in advance.
Finest quality
So a few days before the big day you decide to check the vessel that you will be using in the race. You are confident that your vessel will not let you down this time because you have used it before with no problem. You check the engine, you check the fuel tank and you check for any other short coming that could take place in a hurry. While checking your engine you realise that something is not quite right. You immediately get the mechanics down and ask them to check what is wrong. To your horror you find out that your engine may not last throughout the races. The mechanics see the look of panic on your face and suggest that since you have time for the races to go ahead and purchase a new vessel. They tell you that there is a good place close by where they have boats for sale. The mechanics also tell you that all vessels purchased from this place have won at least one race because their vessels are of the finest quality and are reliable.
Reliable models
You immediately rush to the shop close by and inquire about the boats club in Abu Dhabi and ask them what they would recommend for you to purchase for the races. The sales staff shows you an attractive model and tell you that this is the most fast moving model in the market and all customers that purchased this model have won the races with no problem. You are very impressed and are even more surprised when the sales staff tells you that they will service the vessel free of charge for you before the races.
Be a winner
Your vessel is finally ready and you are all set to race the following day. Your confidence is further boosted by the assurance given by the sales staff that your model is a winner. You are in the waiting line and the races begin. Your race along the water and before you know it you have reached the finishing line with the other competitors far behind.